I Pack Into My Bag…

Me and my sewing machine are usually sewing in beautiful Toronto whereto I moved about one year ago. So far I could not find a nice fabric store in town that sells all these breathtaking colorful and very elastic kids fabrics that I know from Germany, where I grew up. Over there and over the last couple of years sewing became kind of a trend among the young-parent-generation (look at me, haha), and cute little fabric stores popped up everywhere like little mushrooms after a shower of rain. As I had several business trips in Germany and Austria for the last two weeks, I decided to fill up my oh-so-empty fabric shelf… 😉 So in between conferences I arranged to visit 4 different fabric stores: “Frau Tulpe” and “Stoffdealer” in Hamburg (Germany) and “Anton Baumgartner” as well as “Naehen & mehr” in Linz (Austria). As a result, my suitcase is stuffed to the top now (I am heading back to TO tomorrow). Just have a look:

My treasure. :)

My treasure. 🙂


Wait. You think this is way too much? You want an explanation? What about this one: Winter is coming! And I am not talking of “Snow is falling” like in Jingle Bells; more of “Snow is going to bury us”. Brrrrr. And how to better prepare for such a difficult and demanding time as by hoarding fabric? You got me, right? 😉 Ok, so let’s see what I will bring home:

  1. dark blue uni; cuff fabric
  2. blue/white stripes; very dense, strong cotton
  3. dark blue uni; very dense, strong cotton
  4. white dots on red; very stretchy cotton
  5. white dots on brown; very stretchy cotton
  6. red uni; Jersey
  7. green/red fish on blue; Jersey
  8. white uni, Jersey
  9. brown monkeys on green; Jersey
  10. red uni; fine cord
  11. pirates on blue stripes; Jersey
  12. red/dark blue elephants; very dense cotton
  13. green uni, Jersey
  14. ribbon with brown and grey foxes
  15. ribbon with deer and fox
  16. magnetic clips (small and medium)
  17. plastic fastener
  18. elastics

Do you have any recommendations or suggestions what to sew using these great fabrics? Which projects come into your mind when looking at them? I would love to read your ideas. All the best and take care,


Please leave a comment…


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