Happy Halloween!


I hope you all will have a Happy Halloween tomorrow! My little one is sooooo excited already, because he will go chocolate-hunting for the very first time. Did you know that Halloween is not very common in Europe? I am very glad to experience the spirit of this magical day firsthand here in Canada. Can you believe that I had never carved a pumpkin before last year? Okay, you can stop shaking your head now. Now. NOW. Thanks. Anyway, most of our neighbours did their best decorating their houses, porches, and gardens. Currently, there are spooky ghosts, limp skeletons, colourful witches, and countless creepy tombstones distributed all over the neighbourhood. It is so much fun to walk around with Little P. and discuss (he is a TALKER) which pumpkin looks friendly, happy, pleased, cheeky, furious, or just scary. Last year it rained heavily on Halloween and not a single child dropped by at our place. We finally sacrificed ourselves heavy-heartedly for the cause and ate a lot of the chocolate that we had ready for the kids. But, honestly, I was very disappointed because I was so much looking forward to see all kinds of costumes. So let’s cross fingers and hope that many children will drop by tomorrow. Does anyone want to venture a guess?

All the best,


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