Little Cuties: Twig Table – A Tutorial

Announcement_Table This is part II of the Little Cuties series. Recently I wrote about the super cute Twig Chairs that Katherine from One Inch World introduced to us so wonderfully. When I was done with the chairs, I could not stop and simply had to make a Twig Table around which I can assemble the Twig Chairs. Thus, using the twig leftovers I came up with the lovely matching Twig Table that you can see in the picture above. Now you can do one yourself at home. Just follow my short tutorial and happy making.

Here is a list of the materials I used:

  1. Twigs
  2. Hot glue gun (use cautiously!)
  3. Gardening shears

Step 1: Collect a bunch of twigs of different thicknesses. Please do not take fresh twigs! We collected only those that were already dead and lying on the ground. In the case they are wet (we went to the ravines on a rainy day) just dry them on your heating. They are dry as soon as the bark tends to come off. Decide whether you want to remove the bark prior to continuing with step 2.

Step 2: Using gardening shears cut about 20 thin twigs (thickness: 0.3 cm; i.e. 0.12 inches) with a length of 5.5 cm (i.e., 2.2 inches). Lay them close together as shown below. The optimal length is comparable to the height of a Twig Chair. This bed of twigs will later form the table top. 1_Table Step 3: Cut four thicker twigs (0.4-0.5 cm thick; i.e., 0.16-0.2 inches) with a length of 7 cm (i.e., 2.75 inches). Glue one pair of twigs onto the edges of the thin twigs (see second picture). Next, glue the second pair of twigs onto the first pair (see third picture). 2_Table 3_Table 4_Table Step 4: Cut four twigs that are a bit thicker than the table top twigs but shorter in length (see A in the picture below). Glue one of these twigs next to the first table top twig (see B in the picture below). Then, glue a second twig on top of the first one exactly into the groove where the glue sits (see C in the picture below). 7to9_Table This (see below) is how the table should look like at this stage of the tutorial. Now repeat step 4 for the other side of the table top using the third and the fourth twigs. 6_Table Step 5: Choose a 0.7 cm thick (0.28 inches) twig and cut four pieces for the table legs. They should be about 5.5 cm (i.e., 2.2 inches) in length to ensure that in the end the chairs can slide under the table. If you are not following Katherine’s length instructions, I highly recommend to cut the table legs longer in the beginning and, if necessary, shorten them later. Nothing looks more awkward than chairs with seats as heigh as the table top. 😉 10_Table Step 6: Position the table such that one of the corners points towards you. Glue into the slot where the leg will sit. Glue onto both places where the horizontal twigs come together and insert one table leg twig into this hole (see second picture below). If you are doing this on a flat surface the table top will later be flat and smooth, as well. Make sure that the leg is straight and does not tilt. Now repeat this for the other three legs. 11_Table 12_Table This (see below) is how the table should look like after you have successfully completed step 5. Pretty cute, right?! 13_Table Step 7: Cut four thin twigs with a length of 2.5 cm (i.e., 1 inch) and taper them towards one end (see A in the picture below). Hold two twigs onto one short side of the the table top (as shown in C in the picture below; click onto it to enlarge it) and check whether your chairs will still be able to slide in between them. If this is not the case, shorten the tapered twigs and arrange them in a sharper angle until everything fits. When happy, glue the first twig onto one leg and the table top (see B in the picture below). Repeat this for the other leg. Turn the table around and glue on the two remaining twigs. 15to17_Table And Tadaa! You are done! You have made a super duper cute and darling Twig Table. Congratulations! Time to clap yourself on the shoulder and to say Well done, well done, my dear! 🙂 You will see, this table just has to be touched over and over again. It is all about natural material, is it not?! 19_Table 20_Table Little P. had a lot of fun playing with the twig dining room set and aaabbsssooooolutely enjoyed watching his Playmobil dolls sitting down at the table. 21_Table Moreover, he loves to dig for buttons in my buttons jar and to set the table with button-plates. Such vivid and wonderful imagination. 🙂 22_Table How do you like the Twig Table and the button plates? Have you build something from twigs yet? I would love to hear and see!

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