My First Guest Post is Coming

be_my_guestI am more than happy to announce that I could convince a very talented young lady to write about her current passion, which is painting ceramics. As this is the first time a guest is going to post at Me & My Veritas, I have chosen a special date: The last day of this year will be dedicated to the first guest post on my site. 🙂

It is not new that artists and scientists are more alike than different (see the Scientific American post here). In mythology there even exists a being called artist-scientist. Helen is a very good example of such an artist-scientist. She is a thinker, a seeker, a dreamer, an inventor, a builder. As a result Helen is not afraid of the unknown (scientists love to learn!) and has done almost everything a crafter can think of. And as mentioned above her recent passion is to paint ceramics.

In her upcoming

“How to Personalize Your Ceramics: Ceramic Painting”

post on December 31st 2014, she is going to show some of her creations and to share with you tips and tricks. Only two more sleeps… So please stay tuned!

Please click here and leave a comment…. Ich freue mich auch sehr über Kommentare auf Deutsch.


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