Natural Toys Tutorial: Branch Building Blocks


Wooden building blocks are more than mere wooden building blocks: They are childhood classics!

Playing with natural material stimulates the senses of our little ones. Thus, I made some Waldorf-inspired building blocks from branches. They come with a texture that is more interesting than that of traditional building blocks. Kids benefit from natural toy blocks in many ways: by discovering different shapes, by improving eye-hand coordination, by experimenting with balance and gravity, or by coming up with own designs, creations, and sceneries. Want an example?

Ohhh, nooo! Little puppy is lost on branch-block-island…Scene2

…but (puh) a doggie-friend is coming to his rescue (while goat and lamb just look stupid).


Sometimes I can’t stand the dramas taking place in a child’s room. 😉

 Anyway. Here is how I did it:

1. Collect a bunch of (fallen) branches (mine had a diameter of about 2.7 inches) and dry them if necessary. I tried them on a heater for over a week. BTW, at this time of the year you could also repurpose your Christmas tree if it is of no use any longer. Branches from different trees will make the sensory experience richer in variety. If you want you can de-bark them (or not). In my case, the bark came off during the drying process.

2. Once the branches are dry, start cutting even and uneven slices of different thicknesses. I used a standard handsaw. However, having cut 2 slices, I soon got help from the husband of my better half’s mother. Both were around at that time, and he simply could not bear watching me any longer… Next time I would also cut some of the blocks into halves.


3. Sand the branch blocks in order to remove any rough edges and small splinters. Look how nice and neat the blocks look afterwards. Wanna touch them, right?


And that’s it. Super easy. I am going to post 7 more Natural Toys Tutorials in the next days. So please stay tuned!

Please click here and leave a comment…. Ich freue mich auch sehr über Kommentare auf Deutsch.

7 thoughts on “Natural Toys Tutorial: Branch Building Blocks

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  6. Thank you so much! In case your set breaks, you now know how to quickly make a new one. Sounds like fun to do it together with your preschoolers. 🙂


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