Natural Toys Tutorials: Table with Armchairs


Just add sunshine. — It is late summer and has been raining for days. Little Red Cap is totally bored and starts peeling off the wallpaper in his kid’s room. At the weekend his father, Big Blue Cap, and he had moved into their peaceful cottage at Lake Huron, where they planned to spend the last week of their summer holiday. “It isn’t that bad today”, says Big Blue Cap, “I think it stops raining.” Slowly the steady tap-tap of falling raindrops dissolves in silence. Mother Nature is taking a deep breath in. Still, lake and shore are lying in darkness. Summer storms hum in the far distance. “Just add sunshine”, Little Red Cap replies and pulls his blanket over his head while letting himself drop backwards onto his bed. As he says these three words, mouse-grey clouds break apart and the sun peeps through their mouse holes. Similarly, Little Red Cap peeps through a hole in his blanket and begins to smile. Soon the air is heavy from heat, a cicada blues is ever-present, and the summer promises to fight hard against fall. Father and son stroll into the garden, sit down at the litte table with the cute armchairs and enjoy bathing in the sun…

This is the second post of my “Natural Toys Tutorials” Series. Here is how I made the table and the four armchairs:

1. Collect a bunch of branches, dry them, and cut slices of different thicknesses (see below): 1 slice for the table surface, 1 slice for the table leg, 6 slices for the armchairs. For more details on branch selection, drying, and cutting please refer to my first post about Waldorf-inspired Branch Building Blocks.


2. For the table surface I used a 0.4–0.6 inches (i.e., 1–1.5 cm) thick slice with a diameter of about 2.7 inches (i.e., 7 cm). The branch slice for the table leg is more than twice as thick and has a diameter of about 1.2–1.6 inches (i.e., 3–4 cm).

3. Sand all slices in order to remove any rough edges and small splinters.

4. Glue the table surface on top of the table leg using a hot glue gun. That’s it. 🙂


2. The branch slices needed for the armchairs are about 0.4 inches (i.e., 1 cm) thick and 0.8 inches (i.e., 2 cm) in diameter.

3. Cut two of these slices in half. You will end up with four intact and four half slices.

4. Sand all slices in order to remove any rough edges and small splinters.

5. Glue a half slice on top of an intact slice using a hot glue gun, which gives an armchair. Repeat this for the remaining three armchairs. That’s it. 🙂

Hope you had fun! More tutorials are coming. Promise.

Please click here & leave a comment…. Ich freue mich auch sehr über Kommentare auf Deutsch.

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