DIY Huge Needle Threader for Little Hands


Threading a needle is such a simple task. Wait! SURE? Is it really so simple? Or are you, too, using a needle threader (and glasses…) from time to time? I have to admit that this inconspicuous tool has saved me from frustration several times.

Threading a needle is even more problematic if not impossible for toddlers or kids with little and often clumsy hands. A while ago my son and me tried to bead a necklace. For this occasion I had bought him a gigantic needle with a blunt end. Try to explain to a 3-year-old that he has HIS own needle now but still needs Mommy to thread it. No way! He tried it over and over again until he started crying from frustration. 😦 Poor little guy.

I was thinking about a huge version of my own tiny needle threader and in less than 10 min had assembled one. Despite of his little hands (but with an extra portion of willpower) my son was now able to thread his needle and make his own necklace all by himself. Guess how proud he was!

And it is so easy to use:


1. Guide the wire part through the needle hole and put the thread through the tip of the wire part. 2. Pull the wire back through the needle hole and loosen it from the thread via the short end of the thread. 3. The needle is threaded and the needle threader should be re-shaped for the next use.

If you want to make your little crafter (craft-assistant?) more independent, too, here is how I made the huge needle threader for little hands:

List of Materials:

  1. Hammer and nail (and something to hammer on)
  2. Some crafting wire
  3. Wire cutter (not shown here; you can use standard pincers)
  4. Electrical isolation tape (I used two colours)
  5. Popsicle stick
  6. Blunt needle and thread


Step 1: Using hammer and nail hammer a hole into the popsicle stick as indicated in the picture below. My stick cracked open slightly but this will be of no problem.


STEP 2: Guide your wire through the hole, then upwards, and form a loop. Next guide it downwards again and through the hole, too. Take both endings and wrap them around the bottom part of the popsicle stick several times. Cut the endings and carefully push them below the bunch of wire. We do not want the endings to prick through the tape later on.


This is how the loop at the top should look from the side.


STEP 3: Start wrapping the popsicle stick with tape from almost the top to bottom.


STEP 4: I used a second color for the upper top part in order to indicate where my son should position his finger and thumb. But it also looks cool. 🙂


STEP 5: Give the wire loop a nice shape…


…and wrap some wire again for durability and stability.


That’s it! You are done. Super easy but powerful tool. What about you? Do you have a needle threader at home at all? Is it the one with a small tin plate stamped with a portrait?

Let’s make it a survey! 🙂


Please click here and leave a comment… Ich freue mich auch sehr über Kommentare auf Deutsch. 🙂

I am linking this to Threading My Way.

17 thoughts on “DIY Huge Needle Threader for Little Hands

  1. This is funny; it is exactly the same thing a friend of mine said when reading the post. 🙂 The HUGE needle threader is also less likely to just vanish over and over again. Only advantages… 😉


  2. Hi Jana,
    This is such a great idea. My son has trouble sitting still, but is very interested in the fiber arts that I do and now that he is nearly 4 I am working up some sewing exercises for him and having just the right tools ahead of time will cut down on so much frustration. I’m going to add one of these to his sewing box.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hi Logan, thank you very much for your nice comment. We are still happy with the needle threader. The whole construction turned out to be very robust. And my son is still proud to thread his needle independently and to possess such a beautiful tool. 🙂 I hope you and your son are going to enjoy it, as well! Have fun and all the best, Jana


  4. Great idea, Jana! My needle threaders are always coming apart. The wire pulls out and leaves me blindly trying to eyeball it. This should do the trick!
    Oh, and thanks for the visit today!

    Liked by 1 person

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  6. Thank you for your kind comment, Shireen! I totally agree. It’s for all those who fight with these super tiny standard needle threaders. 🙂 And on top of it, it’s also easier to find. 😉 Have a great day, Jana


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