Natural Toys Tutorials: Lookout with Stairs


Higher and higher. — Birds are singing their cheap-cheap-cheap, while Little Red Cap is still asleep. He does not wake up until the sun tickles him under his nose. Yesterday has been an exciting day, when the boy had decided to explore the forest without his father. Having walked almost all day, Little Red Cap had found an old lookout with stairs. He had climbed higher and higher taking two steps at a time and had stopped breathing when reaching the viewing platform. At his feet lay toyland-country. He could clearly see Feltfood-Village, Marble-Meadow, and Lake Lego. In the distance, even Mt.-Teddybear was visible. “Amazing”, Little Red Cap whispered and absorbed any fibre of the beauty of this moment. Not earlier than until the sun had said her goodbye and the stars were smiling at him he went home..For the first part of Little Red Cap’s adventures, see here.

I love how this toy turned out. It is also the favourite one of my son. He uses it in many different ways besides its function as a lookout. In his eyes it can also be: a car, a vacuum cleaner, or a street sweeper. It is already the third post of my “Natural Toys Tutorials” Series. If you are interested, please also have a look at my other posts: Branch Building Blocks and Table with Armchairs. But now let me show you how I made the lookout with stairs:

List of the materials:

  1. Branches of various thicknesses
  2. Hand saw
  3. Sand paper
  4. Hot glue gun (use cautiously!)

STEP 1: Collect a bunch of branches, dry them, and cut slices of different thicknesses (see below). You will need 1 base piece of about 7.5 inches (i.e., 20 cm) in height, one 0.6 inches-thick (about 1.5 cm) slice for the first big step, and several 0.4-inches-thick (i.e., 1 cm) slices for the stairs. In my case, I had 12 stairs in total (the first slightly bigger than the others). For more details on branch selection, drying, and cutting please refer to my first post about Waldorf-inspired Branch Building Blocks.


STEP 2: Sand all slices in order to remove any rough edges and small splinters.

STEP 3: Glue the big slice next to the base stump at ground level. Then glue the other steps on top of each other while rotating them a bit with each step. In the end, the steps should form a spiral around the base part.


STEP 4: Make sure that the topside is even, such that whoever is going to sit or stand there (dolls, plush toys, etc.) is not going to fall off. See how uneven my topside was in the beginning? Not good…


I corrected this after I had glued on the stairs; but it might be a smart idea to do this before the gluing process. 😉 I then sanded the topside again until it was neat and (almost) even.


That’s it. Super easy. I have more Natural Toys Tutorials here and will publish more soon! So please stay tuned!

Please click here and leave a comment…. Ich freue mich auch sehr über Kommentare auf Deutsch.

17 thoughts on “Natural Toys Tutorials: Lookout with Stairs

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  6. Hallo, Mandana! Schön, dass Du hier vorbeigeschaut hast. 🙂 Ich würde mich sehr freuen, wenn Du eines meiner Natural Toys Tutorials mal ausprobieren würdest. Das geht eigentlich sehr schnell, und sie machen viel Spass. Falls Du tatsächlich etwas davon machst, würde ich sehr gerne Deine Kreation sehen und, wenn Du magst, sie in meiner “Your Makes” Galerie zeigen. Sei ganz lieb gegrüßt. Ich hüpf jetzt noch einmal auf Deinen Blog rüber… 🙂


  7. Das mach ich sehr sehr gerne! Wir haben so kleine Hölzchen in unserem Garten, ich glaube, das wird gleich am Wochenende ausprobiert! Danke übrigens für deine liebe Nachricht, you made my day! 🙂

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