Fingerprint Olaf from Frozen


I wrote about Fingerprint Art with Toddlers recently (see my cute sporty little men here). With a lot of talent fingerprints can be combined to even more sophisticated ensembles such as a portrait. Just have a look at this awesome piece of fingerprint art by american artist Chuck Close. So cool! I do not have the talent, but a tiny bit of phantasy. 🙂 Here, I will show you how to combine just five fingerprints in order to create a fingerprint Olaf, the talkative kind-hearted snowman from Frozen.


1. Coloured stamp ink pads (fingerprint ink pads)

2. Ink-pencil

3. Your or your kid’s fingers

How to:

1.) Use thumb-prints for head and body.

2.) Use one pinky-print for the neck.

3.) Use pointer-prints for the feet.

4.) Add details freehand using an ink-pencil.

My Olaf turned out so cute, I wanna hug him all the time!!! How about you? Are you going to make an Olaf, too?


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