Natural Toys Tutorials: Ramp with Trees


Autumn Fairy. — “Wait. Please wait! What are you?” Little Red Cap was exhausted from running. He had been picking wild strawberries quite early this day. While following their sweet scent he had encountered a little meadow stilldreamy from the night. Patches of fog were holding tight to wet grass. When strolling through a sea of green and golden blades of grass he had spied a movement, a glimmer, a flitter-flutter. He has been chasing this little movement now for almost two hours when it suddenly stopped. Something, someone tiny was sitting graciously on a wooden ramp. It was a fairy. Little Red Cap looked at her and didn’t know what to say. “Why are you chasing me?”, asked the fairy. “I, …, I, …, I just needed to know.”, stuttered the boy and felt his cheeks blushing. He added: “You are the autumn fairy, right? My mom told me all the stories.” “That’s how they call me.”, said the fairy and started to smile. “Autumn is near. I have things to do.” “Of course”, sighed Little Red Cap and gazed after her while she was flying away. She vanished into a little pine cone grove, and the trees turned golden and red when the little fairy passed them… For the first and second parts of Little Red Cap’s adventures, see here and here.

Welcome to the fourth post of my “Natural Toys Tutorials” Series. If you are interested, please also have a look at my other posts: Branch Building BlocksTable with Armchairs, and Lookout with Stairs. Here is how I made the Ramp with Trees:

List of the materials:

  1. One thick branch
  2. Various thinner twigs
  3. Three pine cones
  4. Hand saw
  5. Sand paper
  6. Hot glue gun (use cautiously!)

STEP 1: Collect one branch and various twigs, dry them, and cut slices of different thicknesses/lenghtes (see STEP 2). For more details on branch selection, drying, and cutting please refer to my first post about Waldorf-inspired Branch Building Blocks.


STEP 2: Prepare one 2-inches-thick (i.e., 5 cm) branch of about 8 inches (i.e., 20 cm) in length and various twigs with a thickness of about 0.15 inches (i.e., 0.4 cm) as described in STEP 1. Two of these twigs need to be up to 6 inches (i.e., 15 cm) long.


STEP 3: Sand the branch piece in order to remove any rough edges and small splinters.

STEP 4: Take the two 6-inches-long twigs and glue them onto the branch near the edge (see picture below) using the hot glue gun. The distance between the twigs was in my case roughly 1.2 inches (i.e., 3 cm). From your selection of similarly thick twigs cut pieces that are equally long (about 1.8 inches; i.e., 4.5 cm). Glue these pieces onto the two long twigs in order to create the ramp. To do so, glue each twig piece onto the two long twigs as well as to its neighbouring twigs. I found it easier to start from bottom to top.


STEP 5: Glue three pine cones onto the branch piece near the opposite edge. Make sure they are well attached (keep in mind that the surface is curved).


That’s it. You are done. Super easy. Here it is again in all its beauty. 🙂 How do you like it?


I have more Natural Toys Tutorials here and will publish more soon! So please stay tuned!

Please click here and leave a comment…. Ich freue mich auch sehr über Kommentare auf Deutsch.

9 thoughts on “Natural Toys Tutorials: Ramp with Trees

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  3. Thank you so much! I am glad you like it. It is so much fun to play with it. My son also enjoys to just move his fingers up and down the ramp…


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