Pimp My Sweatshirt: Rock(et) Star — Part 2


This is the second part of the Rocke(et) Star Sweatshirt Tutorial, where I am going to describe how you prepare the star appliqués and how to sew them onto the back. For the first part of this tutorial, please click here.

STEP 1: Cut a few stars from a star fabric (I cut 10; only nine are shown below) und arrange them onto the back as you like. If you want you can take a picture with your cell phone or camera. This will make it easier to arrange the stars again during step 5.


STEP 2: Transfer the shapes of the individual stars onto iron-on adhesive and cut them (try to be very accurate). Iron the fabric stars onto their respective adhesive shape. Make sure that the wrong side of the fabric faces the rough side of the adhesive. In addition, use the temperature settings that are given in the instructions of your iron-on adhesive and that are reasonable with respect to the fabric you are using.



STEP 3: Cut off overlaps using scissors (I prefer embroidery scissors for this).



STEP 4: At the back of each star peel off the second foil. This is a bit fiddly and fingernails will be highly appreciated. 😉


STEP 5: Align the stars again onto your sweatshirt and iron them on.


STEP 6: Take the some yellow thread that you used for the front and sew on the star appliqués. I used an elastic stitch in the form of a Zigzag stitch. Go carefully around each star…


STEP 7: Do not cut the threads but take a hand needle and sew them towards the inside of the sweatshirt. Secure them there by making a few knots. This gives a neat appearance from the outside and makes an appliqué more robust. In the end I decided to put one more star onto the shoulder. I LOVE how this 10th star–when looking at the front of the sweatshirt—gives away what is hidden at the back.


And TADAA! Front and back are done! 🙂



Please click here and leave a comment… Ich freue mich auch sehr über Kommentare auf Deutsch. 🙂

I am linking this to KiddikramMade4Boysfuersoehneundkerle, and Threading My Way.


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