Homemade Leather Slippers: Turtle or Dinosaur


Do you remember that I had made super cute Polar Bear Slippers a while ago? My dear readers liked them a lot (as do I) but many of them have not been very optimistic to be able to succeed in making them theirselves. Most of you are a bit worried to work with leather. Thus, I decided to encourage you by showing you my very first pair of leather slippers, which I made them last spring: green and yellow slippers with a turtle or dinosaur—depending on whom you ask… 😉

As mentioned earlier, I had bought the “bepuscht” pattern from Farbenmix for 4,50 €. You can find it here (don’t forget, it is unfortunately only available in German and Dutch). For a full tutorial please refer to the instructions given in the “bepuscht” ebook (see link above). However, you can find a basic description in my recent post.

For my first pair of slippers I had used green and yellow leather, which was significantly thinner (only about 0.025 inches thick; i.e., 0.6 mm). You can download my appliqué pattern here: Turtle or Dinosaur. I used punch pliers for the turtle/dinosaur’s eye. Both turtles/dinosaurs look at each other, again because this makes it easier for the little one to put them on all by himself.

For sewing the pieces together I chose a yellow thread to emphasize the seams in a contrasting color (it is handmade, so people shall see the seams). I used the hand wheel quite often in order to sew carefully and to support my sewing machine. However, it was less difficult to work with the thin leather than it was with the thicker one I used for the Polar Bear Slippers.


Here, I was already halfway through! 🙂 You can see that the curves of the front pieces are not as perfect as they are in the case of the Polar Bear Slippers. I obviously did a better job the second time. 😉

Let me say it again: If I can make them, you can do it a hundred times! 🙂

If you do not intend to spend money on any pattern at all, here is a link to the page of Mommade that describes in detail how you can develop your own pattern. It is only in German, though…

Update (as of March 13th):survey showed that more than 60% of my readers see a dinosaur, whereas more than 30% see a turtle. How do you like Dinurtle? The survey results and a shocking picture of the Dinurtle slippers can be found here.

Please click here and leave a comment… Ich freue mich auch sehr über Kommentare auf Deutsch.

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