Survey: What do YOU see?


Can you spare a minute and take part in my first poll? My soul’s salvation depends on it… Ok. A bit drastically phrased maybe, but I will highly appreciate your help. Here is the issue: Among family and friends we have been discussing for a while now which animal is to be seen on these slippers:


There are controversial opinions (I also indicated it in my recent post). So here is my question: What do YOU see? Please vote! The poll is open for exactly 1 week.

Thank you for taking part! 😉

Update (as of March 13th): The Survey results and a shocking picture of the Dinurtle slippers can be found here.

Please click here and leave a comment… Ich freue mich auch sehr über Kommentare auf Deutsch.

17 thoughts on “Survey: What do YOU see?

  1. When I first looked I saw turtle, but then one second later it was absolutely a dinosaur! I love these- when I was in high school a friend of mine drew a picture with “kool kat” under it.. I was like what do frogs have to do with cats? It was TOTALLY a frog but he insisted it was a cat! Depending on how I crossed my eyes I could see either, a total unintentional illusion!

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  2. The right slipper, on the left, looks dinosaur-y and the left slipper, on the right, looks way more turtley. I do like both, but, that’s not one of the choices, so I can’t respond to the survey. Sorry!

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  3. Thank you so much for taking the time to comment here, Sherianne. Your observation is actually very interesting, because both what-so-ever animals are identical (as identical as one can cut them by hand) but mirrored. Guess I will keep looking at these slippers for the whole week… 😉


  4. Haha before even looking at the options, I though dinosaur. Then thought ooh kind of turtle. Then saw your options and laughed. I don’t know what I think!!

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  5. I go back and forth whether they’re dinosaurs or turtles. I finally decided to say turtles! But, they could be dinosaurs? 🙂

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  6. Hahaha! 🙂 I would be worried if you went for the faces… 😉 Anything else is obviously fine. I am sooooo glad that I am not alone with my indecisiveness. 🙂 Have a lovely weekend, Beth!

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  7. I was surprised to find that ‘turtles’ was NOT the most popular answer! I can’t see anything but little turtles! J XOXO

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  8. Haha. 🙂 Turtles everywhere? I am not going to check the results until next weekend. But I am soooo curious… 😉 Have a good night, Jana


  9. Those are cute slippers. I was tossing up between a turtle and dinosaur. But I stuck with dinosaur, The head looks more shaped and has a longer neck, therefore it looked like a dinosaur to me 🙂

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  10. That’s a great explanation! 🙂 I can clearly see parts of a dinosaur, too. But shouldn’t the neck be thinner and longer for that? It is really difficult, and I am glad so many readers and fellow bloggers are helping me to shed light on this matter. Thank you very much for stopping by. Best, Jana

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  11. Oh that’s true! I guess depends on the dinosaur you’re thinking of? I imagined a turtles head to be smaller and closer its body. I was also going to point out about the tail but figured, depending on a dinosaur, wouldn’t it be longer and a bit wider? But I stuck with my gut and said dinosaur 😀

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