DIY Tissue Bag To Go

DIY Tissue Bag To Go

I was looking for a possibility to always make sure we have enough tissue paper around when hiking or traveling with the little one. Thus, I soon learned that, of course, there is something that I can sew: A tissue bag. Hooray! But because I hate it when things get lost in the depths of our bags or end up falling down and getting dirty, I made a “Tissue Bag To Go”. To do so, I simply added a ribbon with a carabiner that in turn I securely attached to the backpack of my son. No more digging around for tissue paper…

DIY Tissue Bag To Go

This time, I didn’t come up with a tutorial and credit goes to two other ladies. First of all, Frau Zuckerschnut from the same-named website Frau Zuckerschnut. I used her tutorial about how to sew a tissue bag (you can download a pdf from her website here). The tutorial is only in German, though, but it is very detailed and contains lots of pictures. It should be doable without understanding the text. And if you still need the one or other translation, I would love to help. 🙂 The second lady I want and need to credit is Martina from Martina’s Bastelstube. In her TaTüTa post she attached cute little faces to standard tissue bags; an idea that I just loved!

My Modifications

As the bag from Frau Zuckerschnut is optimal for the size of tissues we have in Germany, I adapted the size to my needs and made the bag somewhat smaller. In my opinion it’s now perfect for stuffing it full with up to two hands full of these facial tissues that everyone in North America buys in boxes. With respect to the faces, I made the nose more three-dimensional by squeezing some stuffing material below the nose while sewing it on. It came out just too cute. You can download a sewing pattern for this smaller tissue bag as well as for the faces that I made HERE (please click on the link).

In total I made five bags as a thank-you gift for my son’s teachers, when he left the baby room (back in early 2014). One is already finished in the picture below.

DIY Tissue Bag To Go - Almost Done

And here are all of them. Aren’t they just cute and make you smile?

DIY Tissue Bag To Go - Friendly Bags

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42 thoughts on “DIY Tissue Bag To Go

  1. Love the added faces. They are so cute. I may have to use your idea of the hanging carabiner. My tissues are always at the bottom too.

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  2. Hahaha. I’m glad I’m not the only one with this problem. 🙂 Thank you very much for stopping by and have a lovely day.


  3. These are cute. I have tons of the little pocket tissues from the apoteke so it’ll come in handy to make a little (what’s the word, tüche? or tüte? *fails*) bag for them. I can never find them when I need them, and having a little bean means I need them all the time. LOL (you know how that is, I’m sure…) I have some D-rings so I can use those to attach to Fifi’s diaper bag or my purse.

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  4. Exactly, the D-rings are a great alternative, too! 🙂 The german word here is “Tasche”. In the german blogosphere, these bags are well-known as “TaTüTa” for “Taschentüchertasche” (tissue bag). BTW, TaTüTaTA is in German the sound a fire truck makes… Very difficult, I know. 😉


  5. Ah, ok. Maybe I’m getting it mixed up with Luxembourgish (they have ökotute here? Eco-bags… We have lots of those too LOL). But thanks for the proper word. Now I know. 😀 That’s cool about the fire truck sound. We often see them coming out or going in to the station in Trier. (try saying that word 5x fast tho. *dead*)

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  6. This is wonderful. Thank you very much for reblogging this post. I highly appreciate it. Have a lovely Sunday. Best, Jana


  7. It just stopped while I was using it. I think it is most likely the transmission 😦 I won’t know for a while. I blogged about today. Sniffle…

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  8. How wonderful! Thank you very much in turn for stopping by here! I’m glad you like what you see. Have a wonderful night.


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  10. That’s wonderful! I’m so happy when I can inspire others! 🙂 Would love to see your creations. If you are interested, you could send them to me and I would include them into my “Your Makes” Gallery along with your name and blog address. Just in case… Have a great day, Jana

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  11. Thank you very much, Pam! I’m glad you like it and I am not alone with always losing things in the eternity of my bag. 🙂 Hope you are doing fine. My life has been crazy for a while now, which is why my blog went so quiet recently. Hope to be back soon. Best to you, Jana


  12. Thank you so much for visiting my site (even though not a lot is going on at the moment) and your comment! It made my day! 🙂 Have a good night and all the best, Jana

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  13. Thank you so much! Indeed, an ideal gift and super quick to make. And they are both useful and kind of cute. 🙂 Have a lovely day, Jana


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