Homemade Gingerbread House with Pattern & Recipe: Part 2


This is part 2 of my homemade traditional German-style Gingerbread House (with all parts of the house being edible!). You can find the first part of the tutorial here. Today we are going to assemble the house and attach the roof and the door. Before we start, I am going to explain how you can make the best icing glue!

Icing glue:

To make perfect icing glue, you will need to get a feeling for it. Just trust yourself, it is easier than you might think. Simply, separate 2 egg whites and mix them in a bowl using a fork. Add icing sugar in a stepwise manner and stir vigorously using a fork. If the solution is still yellow, add more icing sugar. Add icing sugar until the solution becomes white and does not flow from the fork anymore if you lift it. The final consistency should be liquid enough to push it through the hole of a plastic bag (see below) but solid enough so that it does stay wherever you put it.

IMPORTANT: Whenever I write “glue” in this post, I am talking about using the fully edible “icing glue”.

Icing glue plastic bag:

Take a simple plastic bag, such as a large sandwich bag. Scoop the icing glue into one corner of the bag. Using a pair of scissors, cut away a tiny corner and start squeezing the icing glue onto pieces that you would like to stick to something. The picture below shows my plastic bag AFTER I was done with the house (that’s why it is a bit messy…). But you get the idea…


Let’s start with assembling the house:

STEP 1: Once all baked parts are cooled down, glue the side walls, the front, and the back together using icing glue (see above). Appropriately support the walls until the glue is dry. Please note, that I used the baked walls as they were. Later I learned that it might help to cut the bottom edge with a knife. This way, your edge is smoother and will sit straighter onto the base plate. Again, I had not problems. But if you find your walls are wobbling around to much or your base plate turned out uneven etc., you can give the cutting a try.



STEP 2: Using icing glue, take one of the two roof plates and glue mini wheats onto it like shingles of a house. Fill the first plate completely with mini wheats.


STEP 3: Take all four chimney pieces and glue them together using icing glue. Wait until the glue is dry before you continue with the next step.


STEP 4: Take the second roof plate and glue the chimney to it. Then finish the plate by attaching mini wheats. If necessary, cut the mini wheats into smaller pieces to properly fill the area around the chimney.


STEP 5: This step is really fun! 🙂 Squeeze a lot of icing onto the dried chimney. Then, place smarties onto it and press them gently into the mass of icing glue. This will give the chimney a brick-build appearance. I love it! 🙂



STEP 6: When the glue at the walls is dry, remove the supports. Wait until also the mini wheats and the chimney are completely dry. Next, glue the roof onto the house. Make sure the roof is supported until the icing glue has dried. I have stuck a box of tea and a cup below the two roof plates.

STEP 7: Give the open area between the two roof plates a nice and clean finish by attaching another row of mini wheats (see also the picture above).


STEP 8: While everything dries, take the door piece and glue one piece of peppermint candy onto it. I also used a white icing pen to draw a door knob. Cute, isn’t it?


STEP 9: Finally, once the glue on the door is sufficiently dry, glue the door in place. Support it in the beginning, if necessary.


Now you are ready to decorate the Gingerbread House. I will show you how in Part 3 of this tutorial (for Part 1 see here).

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