Homemade Gingerbread House with Pattern & Recipe: Part 3


This is Part 3 of my homemade traditional German-style Gingerbread House (with all parts of the house being edible!). You can find the first part here and the second part here. Today we are going to finish and decorate the house until it looks just lovely. 🙂 

STEP 1: Turn one of the side walls towards you.

26_WallTake out a white icing pen and draw whatever pattern you like. I emphasised the windows and drew a heart and two spirals.


Then, take a red icing pen and give the drawing some accents. Continue until you like the design. Repeat with the other side wall.


STEP 2: Turn the back towards you. I emphasised the window again with a white icing pen. I also added a cross from dots above the window and some snake-like shapes at the sides of the window. Using a green icing pen I added a tendril to the back of the house.


Take some peppermint candy and glue it onto the tendril as flowers of this special cold-resistant Christmas plant. 😉


STEP 3: Now turn the front towards you.


I emphasised the window and the door again with a white icing pen. I also attached rows of dots parallel to the roof, petals above the door, and snake-like shapes next to the door. Using a red icing pen, I highlighted a few parts of the white drawing.


STEP 4: It is advisable to make a new batch of icing glue now. This one should be particularly stiff. We want to use it for snow and ice at the roof. It shall lengthen a bit but should not drop. This way it will look like ice  hanging from the roof. Apply this to below the roof at all 4 sides of the house.



STEP 5: Take a star and a few trees and decorate them as well. Let them dry appropriately.



STEP 6: Glue the star to the front of the roof using icing sugar. Make sure to support the star until the glue is dry. I used a box of table salt here.


Also, take the time to glue trees into place. I supported them with (so far) unused parts of the fence (see below).


STEP 7: Take a hand full of smarties and glue them in front of the door as a pathway.


STEP 8: For the fence, take 6 candy sticks, unwrap them, and cut off the upper part (see picture on the right).


Glue them onto the base plate using icing sugar (see front of picture; ignore the fence in the back, because it is still misused to support a tree).


You can support the fence using LEGO building blocks, as well. Very useful. 😉


This is how your house could like at the moment. It’s so beautiful and yummy already! 🙂


STEP 9: To better move the house around I bought some round cake boards (diameter 12″ or 30.4 cm) and placed the base plate onto one of them.


STEP 10: Get out the cotton candy and lay down a layer of snow. Awwww!


Place some cotton candy as smoke onto the chimney, as well.


Tadaaa! You are done


I wrapped mine up, because they were made for a charity bake sale at my son’s daycare center.


And then: Enjoy eating them up. 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Homemade Gingerbread House with Pattern & Recipe: Part 3

  1. Hi, thanks for liking my blog! I put my gingerbread house on a “Lazy Susan” so it can turn around and I get at all sides without handling it during construction….I never thought of using cotton candy – great idea! Watch out for the knusperhexe!!

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  2. Thank you so much form stopping by and your sweet comment. 🙂 I’ll probably make one every year now. How about you? Have you made one this/last year? Best, Jana


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