My Book Is Published: Find Cranky Cat! – Search Fun For Cat Lovers

While I took a break from sewing, I am still an overactive crafter and love love love to be creative and productive. As a result I have published my first children’s book: “Find Cranky Cat! – Search Fun For Cat Lovers”; an activity book for cat lovers of all ages.


If you are looking for a cat book that combines Search and Find fun with little boosts of happiness or the PURRRfect gift for cat lovers of all ages, then this book is for you! Cranky Cat hides in each of the 10 beautiful illustrations. If you have found it, you’ll want to find it all over again. But be aware, this undertaking gets more and more compliCATed. The book is rounded up with short feel-good quotes about the love for our furry feline friends, making it a book to CATch and treasure.

FREE GIFT: Get three free BONUS pages with the purchase of this book. See inside the book for details.
  • “This is wonderful and inspiring book for anyone who loves cats and anyone who is ambitious enough to find Cranky Cat in each and every of the stunning illustrations.”
  • “This original activity book features cats of all shapes, sizes, and moods. Most of these moods are joyful or silly, but there is always that one cranky cat waiting to be given the proper attention that every cat deserves. Nice for colouring, too.”
  • “This book is calling young and old cat lovers! So much fun and appealing to the eye. Buy one for yourself and one more for your cat.”
  • “My daughter and I have read the book 3 times the evening we got it. She had so much fun searching for the Cranky Cat. This book is definitely a great present for all the cat lovers, grown-ups and kids, too.”
  • “Great fun for kids and grown-ups finding the cranky ONE! There is only ONE on each page. Will you be the quickest to find it?”

***More than 20 5-Star Reviews on Amazon (all Marketplaces)***

For a book trailer please click here or onto the picture below.


The book is available on Amazon (US: here; UK: here). Please check it out! I hope you and your kids will love it as much as we do. 🙂

You can follow my writing journey over at JBroeckerBooks on Facebook or author.janabroecker on Instagram. If you like what you see and you haven’t yet, please do it right away. Your support is highly appreciated!

And please leave a comment below; I always love to read from you!

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