Natural Toys Tutorials: Wooden Seesaw


Welcome to the sixth post of my “Natural Toys Tutorials” Series. Today I would like to introduce the Wooden Seesaw—a small but very cute project. This seesaw is actually rocking smoothly and is still robust enough to “survive” a 3-year old toddler. Little P. loves to let his fingers dance on this toy thereby rocking it on and forth… Continue reading

Natural Toys Tutorials: Ramp with Trees


Autumn Fairy. — “Wait. Please wait! What are you?” Little Red Cap was exhausted from running. He had been picking wild strawberries quite early this day. While following their sweet scent he had encountered a little meadow still Continue reading

Little Cuties: Twig Table – A Tutorial

Announcement_Table This is part II of the Little Cuties series. Recently I wrote about the super cute Twig Chairs that Katherine from One Inch World introduced to us so wonderfully. When I was done with the chairs, I could not stop and simply had to make a Twig Table around which I can assemble the Twig Chairs. Thus, using the twig leftovers I came up with the lovely matching Twig Table that you can see in the picture above.  Continue reading

Little Cuties: Twig Chairs


Remember that I wrote about these super cute Twig Chairs earlier? Already two weeks ago, little P. and me went to the nearby ravine and collected a bunch of 0.16-0.24 inches (i.e., 0.4-0.6 cm) thick twigs. We dried them for a week, followed Katherine’s very detailed DIY twig chair instructions, and came out with the little cuties that you can see above. I am so in LOVE and Continue reading