Felt tools: The Screwdriver


Welcome to the second post of my “Felt Tools” toy series. Today I would like to introduce The Screwdriver—a quick but very cute project for every little construction worker or handyman. And let’s face it! Who doesn’t need a screwdriver??? 🙂 If you are interested, please also have a look at Continue reading

DIY Felt Tools: The Saw


Welcome to the very first post of my super new DIY toy series. *drum roll* Ladies and Gentleman, I am more than excited and proud to introduce the DIY Felt Tools—a series of 6 very cute felt toys. This series is going to cover the following: a saw, a screwdriver, a hammer, a wrench, a carpenter square, and a tool belt.  Continue reading

Natural Toys Tutorials: Ramp with Trees


Autumn Fairy. — “Wait. Please wait! What are you?” Little Red Cap was exhausted from running. He had been picking wild strawberries quite early this day. While following their sweet scent he had encountered a little meadow still Continue reading

Tutorial with Free Pattern: Felt Tomato Slice


We are going to make yummy tomato slices from felt today. Tomato slices complete the ingredients list we need to make a (fat-free) felt sandwich. You can find tutorials for the other ingredients here: sliced cheese, Mortadella and Pimiento Loaf sausage slices, salad leaves, and  Continue reading

Free Tutorial with Pattern: Felt Sausage Slices – Pimiento Loaf

Announcement_PimientoLoafWe are going to make yummy Pimiento Loaf style sausage (Paprika Lyoner in German) slices from felt today. As is true for the felted cheese slicessalad leaves, and Mortadella slices, Pimiento Loaf slices are perfect for felt sandwiches and easy peasy to make. This project is great for any felt food newbie, because it requires only one sewing step that is best done by hand. The tutorial comes in 6 steps, and Continue reading