One Of A Kind Spring Show 2015

Screen Shot 2015-03-29 at 12.29.49 AMYesterday, my wonderful friend, Caro, my son, and I went to the One Of A Kind Show in Toronto. I felt like in heaven! Can you image? Beautiful handmade crafts everywhere! 🙂 450 Canadian artisans, makers, and designers came together to show and sell their makes. If you are living in the GTA, it’s open until tonight! I didn’t see all of the exhibitors, because half of the time my son was dancing on every  Continue reading

How to Sew Perfect Cuffs: A Tutorial in 27 Pictures


I have been afraid of cuffs for a very long time. However, recently I made a few long-sleeved shirts and pants for my son and discovered: They aren’t that bad. In order to show you how straightforward and simple it can be to sew perfect cuffs, I wrote this post. It does not matter Continue reading

How to Recover a Lampshade

HowToUpholsterALampshade2Today I am going to present my first tutorial about how to recover or upholster a lampshade. I did this project last winter shortly after we had moved to Canada. Back in Germany, my son’s room was more or less the second half of our home office, which is why it never turned out as cozy and comfortable as I always imagined it to be. Therefore, last year I put a special portion of love and energy into the decoration of his room: the lampshade being one part of the whole ensemble. He has chosen the fabric (Happy Zoo) himself and now loves loves loves his lamp. I guess he noticed that it is something special. Let’s hope Continue reading