Your Makes

This page is dedicated to the creations of my crafty readers. Here, I will show what you’ve made inspired by me and/or by using one of my tutorials! If you want your picture to appear here, please email it to me at meandmyveritas(at) (with “Fan Pic” in the subject line) and include information on which tutorial inspired you. I’ll post it along with your name and blog (if you are a blogger). I am so super excited. Can’t wait to see your amazing work! 🙂

Fan Pic No. 4


My friend Anja made a felt sandwich set for her wonderful daughter. She got inspired by my DIY Complete Felt Sandwich Set tutorial. I love her salad leaves made from dark green felt, because they pass off also as kale! Thank you, Anja.

Fan Pic No. 3


Look at this funny Olaf that Ari from aribebob made based on my Fingerprint Olaf from Frozen. I particularly enjoy the thumb-printed snow flakes she added! Thank you, Ari.

Fan Pic No. 2


Mia from Luv Heart Lee got inspired by the hen of my DIY Egg carton for Play shop. She sewed it along with new friends and made it an Easter Banner. I love it! Thank you, Mia.

Fan Pic No. 1


Q from Curls & Q made an Angry Birds Button Up Game for her grandson. She got inspired by my DIY Button Up Game. What a nice interpretation! My favourite bird is the grumpy red one. Thank you, Q.

Thanks again to everyone for his or her contribution!

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