DIY Tissue Bag To Go

DIY Tissue Bag To Go

I was looking for a possibility to always make sure we have enough tissue paper around when hiking or traveling with the little one. Thus, I soon learned that, of course, there is something that I can sew: A tissue bag. Hooray! But because I hate it when things get lost in the depths of our bags or end up falling down and getting dirty, I made a “Tissue Bag To Go”. To do so, Continue reading

Felt tools: The Screwdriver


Welcome to the second post of my “Felt Tools” toy series. Today I would like to introduce The Screwdriver—a quick but very cute project for every little construction worker or handyman. And let’s face it! Who doesn’t need a screwdriver??? 🙂 If you are interested, please also have a look at Continue reading

DIY Felt Tools: The Saw


Welcome to the very first post of my super new DIY toy series. *drum roll* Ladies and Gentleman, I am more than excited and proud to introduce the DIY Felt Tools—a series of 6 very cute felt toys. This series is going to cover the following: a saw, a screwdriver, a hammer, a wrench, a carpenter square, and a tool belt.  Continue reading

One Of A Kind Spring Show 2015

Screen Shot 2015-03-29 at 12.29.49 AMYesterday, my wonderful friend, Caro, my son, and I went to the One Of A Kind Show in Toronto. I felt like in heaven! Can you image? Beautiful handmade crafts everywhere! 🙂 450 Canadian artisans, makers, and designers came together to show and sell their makes. If you are living in the GTA, it’s open until tonight! I didn’t see all of the exhibitors, because half of the time my son was dancing on every  Continue reading

DIY Felt Food: Complete Sandwich Set


It is so easy and gratifying to make felt food. I love the very realistic look. On top of that felt food is safe, colourful, soft, and long-lasting. This cute felt sandwich set will promote the imagination of your little ones and guarantees endless hours of joy of playing. If you are inspired now to Continue reading

Tutorial with Free Pattern: Felt Salad Leaves / Felt Lettuce


We are going to make yummy salad leaves from felt today. For this tutorial I mainly followed the instructions given by Katherine from One Inch World, so all the credit goes to her. Just check out her super adorable felt armchairs or wooden twig chairs. S-O-O-O C-U-U-U-T-E! Similarly, I fell in love with her felt salad leaves the first time I saw them. Here, I just slightly modified the ribs. As is true for my sliced cheese, salad leaves are perfect for sandwiches and easy peasy to make. This project is great for any felt food newbie, because it requires only one sewing step that is best done by hand. The tutorial Continue reading

How to Recover a Lampshade

HowToUpholsterALampshade2Today I am going to present my first tutorial about how to recover or upholster a lampshade. I did this project last winter shortly after we had moved to Canada. Back in Germany, my son’s room was more or less the second half of our home office, which is why it never turned out as cozy and comfortable as I always imagined it to be. Therefore, last year I put a special portion of love and energy into the decoration of his room: the lampshade being one part of the whole ensemble. He has chosen the fabric (Happy Zoo) himself and now loves loves loves his lamp. I guess he noticed that it is something special. Let’s hope Continue reading