Not a single child…

On Halloween I was still hoping that many children will drop by at our place to trick or treat. We had a huge bowl filled with any kind of candy, we had switched on the front lights and the light in the staircase, and we had placed two carved pumpkins in front of the house. Nevertheless, the following was true:


Even my parents in Germany (where Halloween is way less popular) had more little witches and zombies knocking at their door. Okay, it was again raining heavily this year and almost nobody was leaving the house. But, here is my question: Where were all the brave kids who stand rain in order to seal a whole year supply of chocolate? As a kid Continue reading

Homemade Roasted Pumpkin Seeds


Pumpkin carving is so much fun! The body functions as a lantern for several days but the seeds are usually thrown away. However, this is a pity! Pumpkin seeds are rich in unsaturated fatty acids, iron, zinc, phosphor, and vitamin A. If you want to use up the pumpkin seeds as well, here is an easy peasy and delicious recipe Continue reading

Happy Halloween!


I hope you all will have a Happy Halloween tomorrow! My little one is sooooo excited already, because he will go chocolate-hunting for the very first time. Did you know that Halloween is not very common in Europe? I am very glad to experience the spirit of this magical day firsthand here in Canada. Can you believe that I had never carved a pumpkin before last year? Okay, you can stop shaking your head now. Now. NOW. Thanks. Anyway, most of our neighbours did their best decorating their houses, porches, and gardens. Currently, there are spooky ghosts, limp skeletons, colourful witches, and countless creepy tombstones Continue reading