Tutorials and Other Projects

Here is a list of my tutorials and other projects. Simply click on a picture and you will be directed towards the respective post. The following categories are:

  1. Nature Crafts & Natural Toys
  2. Felt Play Food & Felt Toys
  3. Crafting with Kids
  4. Sewing Kids Cloths (Shirts, Pants, Slippers. etc.)
  5. Recycle Projects
  6. Jewellery
  7. Stitches
  8. Cooking & Baking
  9. Christmas


1. Nature Crafts & Natural Toys

Natural Toys: Waldorf Branch Building Blocks

Natural Toys: Feeding & Watering Trough

Natural Toys: Wooden Seesaw

Natural Toys: Lookout with Stairs

Natural Toys: Table & Armchairs

Natural Toys: Ramp with Trees

Little Cuties: Twig Chairs

Little Cuties: Twig Table

2. Felt Play Food & Felt Toys

DIY Felt Food Complete Sandwich Set

Yummy Felt Food

I Love Felt Sushi

DIY Felt Cell Phone

DIY Button Up Game

Felt Sandwich Bread: Free Pattern and Tutorial

Felt Tomato Slices: Free Pattern and Tutorial

Felt Sausage Slices Mortadella: Free Pattern and Tutorial

Felt Sausage Slices Pimiento Loaf: Free Pattern and Tutorial

Felt Salad Leaves: Free Pattern and Tutorial

Felt Cheese Slices: Free Pattern and Tutorial

Rooster costume: The Beak

Rooster Costume: The Comb

DIY Felt Tools: The Saw

DIY Felt Tools: The Screwdriver - Tutorial.

3. Crafting with and for Kids

DIY Tissue Bag To Go

DIY Egg Carton for Play Shop

Toddler Fingerprint Art

Fingerprint Olaf from Frozen

Huge Needle Threader For Little Hands

4. Sewing Kids Cloths

Polar Bears in Love: Homemade Leather Slippers

How to sew perfect cuffs.

Pimp my Sweatshirt: Rock(et) Star

Pim My Sweatshirt: Mr. Fox

Homemade Leather Slippers: Turtle or Dinosaur

5. Recycle Projects

Recycle: Coin Purse from Tetra Pacl

How to recover a lamp shade.

6. Jewellery

DIY Earrings & Necklace

7. Stitches

Lazy Daisy Stitch: A Step by Step Tutorial.

8. Cooking & Baking

Roasted Pumpkin Seeds Recipe

9. Christmas

Modern Christmas Tree Ornament: Sushi Rollament

15 thoughts on “Tutorials and Other Projects

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  4. I truly enjoyed going through your site and thank you for liking one of my posts “Photo restoration -Preserving family history.” and great job on earning the awards. I might drop by often for I sew as well my Dad’s old Singer, all metal not plastic like the new ones today.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Me and my better half are very interested in preserving family history, which is why I stopped by. Old photos are a treasure! For our son’s photo albums we have chosen photo paper that is said to keep colors/brightness etc. for more than 70 years, because we want him to remember how much we love(d) him and how happy we are(were) even when we are already gone. Congrats to your original Singer. My Veritas machine is 90% metal, too, and over 30 years old. It is a pleasure and honour to sew on such kind of machines. Hope to see you around soon. Best wishes, Jana

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  7. gorgeous things you make. i love making things i’m finding i can’t stop lol, addictive. your very talented =DD

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Great ideas here. I love the branch work especially. I carve things out of them but never thought to make toys!

    Liked by 1 person

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