Step By Step Lazy Daisy Stitch for Seeds and Eyes

announcementThe lazy daisy stitch is a chain stitch that was originally used to embroider fabric with flowers and leaves. The term chain stitch simply reflects that individual stitches are combined like links in a chain. This stitch has so much potential! You can Continue reading

Tutorial with Free Pattern: Felt Salad Leaves / Felt Lettuce


We are going to make yummy salad leaves from felt today. For this tutorial I mainly followed the instructions given by Katherine from One Inch World, so all the credit goes to her. Just check out her super adorable felt armchairs or wooden twig chairs. S-O-O-O C-U-U-U-T-E! Similarly, I fell in love with her felt salad leaves the first time I saw them. Here, I just slightly modified the ribs. As is true for my sliced cheese, salad leaves are perfect for sandwiches and easy peasy to make. This project is great for any felt food newbie, because it requires only one sewing step that is best done by hand. The tutorial Continue reading