Natural Toys Tutorials: Wooden Seesaw


Welcome to the sixth post of my “Natural Toys Tutorials” Series. Today I would like to introduce the Wooden Seesaw—a small but very cute project. This seesaw is actually rocking smoothly and is still robust enough to “survive” a 3-year old toddler. Little P. loves to let his fingers dance on this toy thereby rocking it on and forth… Continue reading

Natural Toys Tutorials: Ramp with Trees


Autumn Fairy. — “Wait. Please wait! What are you?” Little Red Cap was exhausted from running. He had been picking wild strawberries quite early this day. While following their sweet scent he had encountered a little meadow still Continue reading

Natural Toys Tutorials: Table with Armchairs


Just add sunshine. — It is late summer and has been raining for days. Little Red Cap is totally bored and starts peeling off the wallpaper in his kid’s room. At the weekend his father, Big Blue Cap, and he had moved into their peaceful cottage at Lake Huron, where they  Continue reading

Natural Toys Tutorial: Branch Building Blocks


Wooden building blocks are more than mere wooden building blocks: They are childhood classics!

Playing with natural material stimulates the senses of our little ones. Thus, I made some Waldorf-inspired building blocks from branches. They come with a texture that is more interesting than that of traditional building blocks. Kids benefit Continue reading

Little Cuties: Twig Table – A Tutorial

Announcement_Table This is part II of the Little Cuties series. Recently I wrote about the super cute Twig Chairs that Katherine from One Inch World introduced to us so wonderfully. When I was done with the chairs, I could not stop and simply had to make a Twig Table around which I can assemble the Twig Chairs. Thus, using the twig leftovers I came up with the lovely matching Twig Table that you can see in the picture above.  Continue reading

Little Cuties: Twig Chairs


Remember that I wrote about these super cute Twig Chairs earlier? Already two weeks ago, little P. and me went to the nearby ravine and collected a bunch of 0.16-0.24 inches (i.e., 0.4-0.6 cm) thick twigs. We dried them for a week, followed Katherine’s very detailed DIY twig chair instructions, and came out with the little cuties that you can see above. I am so in LOVE and Continue reading