Survey Results & A Shocking Picture

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You guys are just awesome! I want to hug and thank everyone of you, who voted and commented on my last post. THANK YOU SO MUCH. 34 people have been taking part in the poll and many of you commented, partly because you  Continue reading


Survey: What do YOU see?


Can you spare a minute and take part in my first poll? My soul’s salvation depends on it… Ok. A bit drastically phrased maybe, but I will highly appreciate your help. Here is the issue: Among family and friends we have been discussing for a while now which animal is to be seen on these slippers: Continue reading

Homemade Leather Slippers: Turtle or Dinosaur


Do you remember that I had made super cute Polar Bear Slippers a while ago? My dear readers liked them a lot (as do I) but many of them have not been very optimistic to be able to succeed in making them theirselves. Most of you are a bit worried to work with leather. Thus, I decided to encourage you by showing you my very first pair of leather slippers, which  Continue reading