My Book Is Published: Find Cranky Cat! – Search Fun For Cat Lovers

While I took a break from sewing, I am still an overactive crafter and love love love to be creative and productive. As a result I have published my first children’s book: “Find Cranky Cat! – Search Fun For Cat Lovers”; an activity book for cat lovers of all ages.

BookBrush_FindCrankyCat Continue reading

♥♥♥ 100 Hearts Challenge ♥♥♥

Screen Shot 2015-05-13 at 11.26.30 PMI set myself a challenge. It’s a heart thing… 😉 On the website of the German Woman’s Magazine Brigitte there is a list of Blogs administered by moms. It’s called Mom Blogs (how creative, right?). If you can read a bit of German, this is a great opportunity to get to know the best mom bloggers of Germany Continue reading

Giveaway: 10 Cell Phone Sewing Kits — Enter to win!

10 Sewing Kit Giveaways --- Enter to win!

Today it’s all about you! I am going to give away 10 super cute sewing kits for my DIY cell phone post. As cutting a pattern usually takes half of the time of any sewing project, I thought it might make you happy if I do this for you! All YOU need to do (in case you win) is Continue reading