Step By Step Lazy Daisy Stitch for Seeds and Eyes

announcementThe lazy daisy stitch is a chain stitch that was originally used to embroider fabric with flowers and leaves. The term chain stitch simply reflects that individual stitches are combined like links in a chain. This stitch has so much potential! You cancreate beautiful flowers like these done by Janet from stitch school, super cute leaves of a tree as done here by Crystal from two little aussie birds, or incredible indian designs as given by Sumathi from indian heritage here. However, when worked small this stitch is also perfect to define details such as eyes or, as is the case here, seeds in a tomato slice. The stitch tutorial comes in 5 short steps.

Step 1: Knot your thread and bring the needle up through the fabric at your point of interest. Pull the thread through.


Step 2: Bring the needle down 1 to 2 mm to the right of the starting point. Pull the thread through but not completely: leave a tiny loop at the front side.


Step 3: Bring the needle up again through the fabric. This time stitch 2 to 3 mm above and in the middle of both former stitches.


Step 4: Guide the needle tip through the loop of thread and then pull needle and thread through completely. Pull until tight.



Step 5: Bring your needle down slightly above the loop (on the other side of the thread) and pull it towards the back side of your fabric.


This gives a nice and neat lazy daisy stitch that in the example used here perfectly mimics the seed of a tomato slice.


Here are all steps again in a collage.


I hope you had a lot of fun.

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