Tutorial with Free Pattern: Felt Cell Phone


Recently, it was my better half’s birthday and I thought he would like (i.e., NEED) a new cell phone. From time to time his old one was discharging within a day while the battery heated up… Weird and scary! So with the support of the whole family, I was collecting some money to buy him a new phone. However, in the jungle of cell phones I was soon lost and decided to give him a voucher instead. As a crafter in heart I refused to simply give him ONLY the voucher, which is why I made a felt version of his current phone. It turned out soooooooo cute! 🙂


Here is how I made it:

Click here for: Sewing Pattern Felt Cell Phone

STEP 1: Copy the shape of your phone onto paper (I used baking paper for no real reason). Similarly, make patterns for all the important details such as, for instance, the display, the home/power buttons, and the speaker. You can download the pattern for a Samsung (Ace- or Galaxy-type) here. Cut your patterns. Below only the front pieces are shown.


STEP 2: Transfer the pattern onto your felt using tailor’s chalk or a magic marker and cut the felt. You will need two pieces of the main part. I used light blue felt for the case of the phone and dark blue felt for the details (3 are shown in the picture above, but there are actually 6 small pieces: 3 for the front and three for the back).


STEP 3: Take one of the two main parts and stitch on all the details. I used an embroidery needle with dark blue embroidery thread and chose a simple running stitch with gaps between the stitches. I used blue standard thread in order to stitch the front camera button (1 small circular piece) into place.


Here, I am done with the front:


STEP 4: When you are done with the front, continue with the backside (I have no in-the-making picture here but here is how it should look in the end). For the back speaker I used again blue standard thread.


STEP 5: Sew front and back pieces together using a blanket stitch. Leave a small opening in order to stuff the phone with a basting (e.g., the inner life of an old or unused pillow) before closing it.


And that’s it! It is cute, is it not?



PS: My better half did not get a knew phone in the end but a new camera… Lucky me I did not have to make a felt version of that. 😉

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